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GQS - Efficient Qualification!

Welcome Information.

How can I enter GQS?

If you need a log-in for GQS, please contact the GQS Administrator of your organization. If you do not know who that would be, please contact the GQS Administrator of your market.

You can find the contact of your GQS Market Administrator by clicking on "Contact" in the menu on the left hand side.

What can I do with GQS?

Click on "Info" in the menu on the left hand side, to get a short description about GQS.

Where can I learn how to use GQS?

In the "Step-By-Step Instruction" you can learn how to do different tasks in GQS. When you are logging into GQS for the first time, you will find a Step-By-Step Instruction in your "Current Enrolments" box on your GQS start screen. There you can start the Step-By-Step Instruction by clicking on the link "Launch now".

The Step-By-Step Instruction offers a list of frequently asked questions on how to use GQS, e.g. how to find a training offer. Each topic entails a short interactive simulation which guides you step-by-step through the individual process in GQS. This allows efficient learning by doing.



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Information about GQS.

GQS Global Qualification System is a new improved Learning Management System (LMS) which replaced Trias. GQS is one global system which unites Sales, Aftersales and Technical Training for BMW, MINI and Motorrad. GQS is a learning management system which is focused on four core functions:
  1. E-Learning / Blended Learning Platform:

    Self paced learning any time any place combined with face to face training.
  2. Online Training Catalogue:

    Online booking of learning activities with immediate status.
  3. Online Training Management:

    World wide internet based system for any learners from NSCs and importer markets.
  4. Reporting / Qualification Management:

    Reports supply the basis for an efficient qualification management.


Frequently Asked Questions about GQS.

  1. What is the Global Qualification System - GQS?

    The name "GQS" stands for Global Qualification System. GQS replaces the former learning management system Trias.

    GQS is the new Internet-based BMW Group learning platform and provides a global system for flexible, efficient qualification of Sales and Service staff.

    All Sales, After-sales and Technical courses for BMW, MINI and Motorrad are offered on a single platform: GQS.
  2. What does GQS offer?

    GQS can be accessed via the Internet all over the world. This means it is possible to call up qualification offers from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day.

    Online qualification offers such as WBTs (Web Based Training courses) can be completed. Media and course materials can be accessed. Trainer-led courses can be booked online.

    Online assessments can be provided for selected topics, allowing learners to monitor their own level of knowledge. GQS also includes modular courses which can lead up to certification programmes.

    Managers responsible for training of their team have access to analyses which allow them to easily identify training requirements and knowledge gaps, and to fill these gaps through appropriate training courses. GQS – Efficient Qualification!
  3. How can GQS be accessed?

    GQS is an Internet-based application accessible via the following link:

    Learners receive their login and password via the training coordinator who is responsible for their subsidiary or regional office.
  4. What languages are available in GQS?

    Chinese, Dutch, English (UK and US), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish.
  5. What is Saba?

    Saba is the producer of the standard learning management system on which GQS is based.
  6. What is a learning management system (LMS)?

    It is a web-based system to organise training activities and to support and monitor learner qualification.
  7. How does GQS support training and qualification?

    • Planning events and resources up to and including attendance reporting and grading of participants
    • Learning any place, any time
    • Assessments and questionnaires
    • Learning paths guided by certifications
    • Mail distribution lists for automatic notifications
    • Blended learning
    • Information relevant to qualification
    • Control of target-group-oriented content – the user receives information on exactly his or her task area
  8. What are the benefits of GQS?

    • Qualification of all employees
    • Learning any place, any time
    • Availability of the up to date catalogue
    • Booking of learning items
    • Recording of Learner qualification (training history)
  9. What is a learning item?

    Learning items are courses, events, web based trainings or certifications. They are listed in the online learning catalogue in GQS.
  10. What is a web based training (WBT)?

    It is an Internet based animated learning programme available for self-paced learning. Learners can study independently by interacting with the learning programme.
  11. What is a computer based training (CBT)?

    It is the same self study medium as a WBT, however, usually a CBT is CD-ROM-based. An online connection is not absolutely essential.
  12. What is an Instructor Led Training (ILT)?

    It is a face-to-face training at which the learner and the trainer attend in person.
  13. What is blended learning?

    It is the combination of various educational methods such as face-to-face training, web based trainings and online assessments/tests for the best possible learning success.
  14. What is the online learning catalogue?

    It consists of all training and qualification items offered in GQS. It can be found in the "Catalogue Search" box on your GQS start screen (first page after login).
  15. What is an enrolment?

    The enrolments contain all of the learning activities booked in the online learning catalogue that have not yet been finished.
  16. What does job type mean?

    The job type in GQS (Primary function code) stands for the main functions of the learner.
  17. What is a certification?

    It consists of various learning items (learning path) that have to be concluded successfully within a defined period of time and which lead to a specific qualification.


Legal disclaimer.

I hereby give my consent to the recording, processing and use of personal data relating to me by BMW AG for the purposes of entering such data in the Register of Users for the BMW Group Learning Management System GQS. I am aware that the data is stored and used for the purpose, among other things, of verifying user identity and authorising user access in order to ensure confidential communication of training content and services between BMW AG and the partner enterprises.

In addition to the details recorded on the registration form, the following information about me is also stored: BMW AG also logs personal data in the course of automatic data processing within the GQS system for the following purposes: Access to the log data is restricted to a few selected persons who are legally bound by an undertaking to maintain data secrecy.

My consent also extends to the processing and use of the said data by BMW AG and its associated companies at home and abroad in connection with the operation of the learning management system GQS.

This consent is given voluntarily and may be withdrawn at any time with immediate and continuing effect (by sending an e-mail to the following address: If when registering for the BMW Group Learning Management System GQS, consent to inclusion in the Register of Users is not given, registration and the issue of access authorisation for the learning management system GQS will not be possible. If consent is withdrawn at a later date, the user concerned will as a consequence be denied any further access to the learning management system GQS.

I have read and understood the Data Protection Notes for the BMW learning management system GQS and hereby indicate my agreement with the content of the Data Protection Notes and this Data Protection Consent Declaration.

Notes on Data Protection.

These Notes on Data Protection apply to the Internet service BMW Group Global Qualification System (hereinafter referred to as "GQS") that is provided by BMW AG (hereinafter referred to as "BMW") on the website

Personal Data Protection

In order to ensure the required confidentiality of communication, it is necessary to record, process and communicate personal details (personal data). BMW ensures that internationally recognised standards of data protection are maintained and that the personnel charged with the task of data processing meet the required standards of security and confidentiality. Data is only recorded, communicated and processed in the manner described below. If the extent of usage should change, BMW will inform users in the appropriate manner and at the appropriate time, and obtain their consent where necessary.

Extent of Processing of Personal Data

Access to the GQS website is limited to employees of BMW and its associated companies and the partner enterprises around the world specified by BMW and requires prior registration. In order to be able to properly provide the services offered and securely identify and authorise users for the purposes of allowing access to the training and informative content, the following details of users are recorded: All personal details are recorded during the registration process and must be confirmed by the user in person. No data is obtained from other sources such as public records or external information providers. BMW as the provider of GQS reserves the right to verify the details supplied for user registration and to refuse applications for registration and/or deny access to GQS on a temporary or permanent basis. BMW does not pass on any personal data to third parties.

The recording of personal data for the purposes of GQS user administration takes place only with the prior consent of the person concerned and in accordance with the declaration of consent by the user as provided for by the data protection legislation. Such consent is voluntary and may be withdrawn at any time.

Security and Confidentiality

In order to prevent abuses, BMW employs extensive security measures of a technical and organisational nature, in particular: Access to the log data is restricted to a few selected persons who are legally bound by an undertaking to maintain data secrecy.

International Data Transfer

Because the BMW Group companies that take part in the GQS learning platform are distributed across a number of locations around the world, personal details may also be transferred to countries outside the European Union where it is possible that an appropriate level of data protection may not be guaranteed.

Information and Cancellation Rights

BMW provides the facility for users to update, correct or prevent the use of personal details about themselves at any time. Registered users may at any time and free of charge obtain information about the personal details held on record about them (see Data Protection Consent Declaration). The contact details given at the end of these Data Protection Notes may be used for that purpose. Declarations of consent may be withdrawn at any time by contacting; however, withdrawal of consent will result in the denial of all access to the GQS learning platform for the user concerned.

Provider Contact

Please direct your questions or suggestions relating to these Data Protection Notes to our hotline. You can contact us by e-mail at